🤫 Shushing Face


Hush!, Keep Quiet, Shut Up, Finger on Lips, Keep a Secret

🤫 Meaning: The Shushing Face emoji is a yellow face slightly tilted backwards. It has plain eyes that are a little elevated and a small line for a mouth that is covered with a finger (exactly. like a shush). Some platforms even have eyebrows for this emoji.

Much like the real-life usage of the shushing face, this emoji too is used to silence someone on chat. Although not as effective as shushing someone in real life, this emoji can be a cute way of saying someone to shut up on text.

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How and When to Use the 🤫 Shushing Face Emoji

  • If you’re texting in a group, and one of them says something about you the rest don’t know, use this emoji on the group chat, and DM this person.
  • If you’re texting someone something classified, send this emoji along to signify that it’s secretive and that the former must hush about it.
  • The 🤫 Shushing Face can also work as a cheesy way of telling someone ‘Say No More’ and showing up at their doorstep with a pizza.
  • While it’s cute to shush someone on chat, ensure to never do it to someone older or people who are not-so-close. Chances are that they can show up at your doorstep.

Other Names

  • 🤫 Shut Up
  • 🤫 Keep Quiet
  • 🤫 Hush!
  • 🤫 Shushing Face
    🤫 Quiet
  • 🤫 Finger on Lips

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