🗞️ Rolled-Up Newspaper


News, Early Morning, Newspaper Delivery, Weaponry, Knowledge, Current Affairs

🗞️ Meaning: A newspaper, similar to the 📰 Newspaper, just rolled up with a string of jute, to make a newspaper roll/bundle. The 🗞️ Rolled-Up Newspaper emoji could represent a freshly arrived newspaper or newspaper delivery which, in turn, indicates the early morning hours.

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How and When to Use the 🗞️ Rolled-Up Newspaper Emoji

  • Speaking of a weapon, rolled newspapers in reality act as the most cost-effective way to casually whack someone. If a rolled newspaper is anything, it’s a great way to whack some sense, knowledge, or judgment into someone. And, hence, 🗞️ comes into the picture.
  • Examples, “Oh, man!! I really hope someone knocks some common sense into his thick skull 🗞️” or “I have news for ya! Use your damn senses! 🗞️”.
  • You could also use 🗞️ while referring to the dawn, or any time the newspaper taps at your front door – “Just woke up and went through my routine 🗞️” or “She arrived even before the newspaper! 🗞️”.
  • While sharing news posts or reposts, 🗞️ could be one of the emojis in the caption. It could be over a personal chat or a social media repost/story, just drop in this emoji to suggest the intention.
  • In some strange alternate universe kind of a use-case, a rolled paper could also refer to a ‘rolling paper’. So, 🗞️ may also be your choice while using a rolling paper in any context.

Other Names

  • 🗞️ Rolled Newspaper
  • 🗞️ Newspaper
  • 🗞️ Bundle of Newspapers
  • 🗞️ Newspaper Delivery
  • 🗞️ Early Morning Hours
  • 🗞️ Fresh Newspaper