😔 Pensive Face


Hurt, Sad, Sorrowful, Rejection, Lonely, Anxious, Helpless

😔 Meaning: A yellow-faced emoji with sad, drooping eyes and frowned eyebrows with a straight, expressionless line for a mouth. This emoji indicates a sense of worry, sadness and vulnerability.

The 😔 Pensive Face emoji also shows a feeling of deep and overbearing thoughts, so much that they’re intrusive now. It also signals a state of being lonely, anxious, hurt, avoided, and maybe even rejected.

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How and When to Use the 😔 Pensive Face Emoji

  • Use this emoji while telling your buddy about something sad that happened.
  • You can also integrate this emoji while reacting to something terrible, heart wrenching and just plain sad.
  • If you’re feeling vulnerable in a well-confided conversation that you finally open up about feeling lonely and rejected, use this emoji.
  • You may also use this emoji to indicate anxiousness.

Other Names

  • 😔 Anxious Face
  • 😔 Sad
  • 😔 Lonely
  • 😔 Sorrowful
  • 😔 Sad Face
  • 😔 Rejected
  • 😔 Hurting
  • 😔 Hurt
  • 😔 Worry
  • 😔 Helpless

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