🪆 Nesting Dolls


Layers, More Sides to Someone or Something, Privacy, Personal

🪆 Meaning: An hourglass-shaped toy with the painting of a woman’s face and body on it. She seems to be wearing a scarf around the head and floral-printed clothing. The lower half of this toy is wider than the upper, suggesting that the latter is held within.

The 🪆 Nesting Dolls emoji represents the traditional Russian nesting dolls, which could also represent the Japanese nesting dolls. Nonetheless, although this emoji is said to signify motherhood, fertility, etc, it could symbolize the fact that “there are more sides to something or someone”.

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How and When to Use the 🪆 Nesting Dolls Emoji

  • If you’re starting to get to know someone and you’re also learning that they’re a lot, LOT more than the picture you first saw, you can use 🪆 while texting someone about this phase. For example, “Dude. He says he’s boring, but he’s THE MOST interesting guy I’ve come across 🪆”.
  • You could also apply the same concept to things too; be it a Netflix series that picks up from the third season, a fictional character who does have a spine or even a book that’s definitely better than its cover.
  • Apart from the previous interpretations, 🪆 could also signify the deeper and most personal aspects to someone or something. For instance, if someone’s trying to “get to know you” by asking you inappropriate and personal stuff, you can use 🪆 as a way of saying “Sorry bro. It’s the last layer 🪆. You gotta earn that”.
  • When you’re generally suggesting that there are more sides to someone or something, use 🪆. For instance, “Don’t say that. You hardly know him and for all you know, you’re just used to one side of him 🪆”.

Other Names

  • 🪆 Matryoshka Dolls
  • 🪆 Russian Nesting Dolls
  • 🪆 Japanese Nesting Dolls
  • 🪆 Russian Dolls
  • 🪆 Ukranian Dolls
  • 🪆 Descending Dolls