🎤 Microphone


Singing, Vocals, Amplifier, Karaoke, Center Stage, Spotlight

🎤 Meaning: A left-facing mic that’s designed with a thick black handle equipped with a silvery sliding switch and a round netted structure at the top made of the same color as the switch.

The 🎤 Microphone emoji represents the famous singer’s mic; the one we karaoke with, the one we tremble to hold center stage, and the one we personify with a faucet, a comb, pretty much anything that makes us feel pop!

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How and When to Use the 🎤 Microphone Emoji

  • If your best friend told you about something much earlier and you’re hyping her/him up on the ‘other groups’, use 🎤. For example, “Go on!!! Tell them what you told me! 🎤”.
  • A mic essentially amplifies one’s voice making it audible far and wide. If you’re sharing something that needs this kind of amplification, use 🎤. For instance, “I finally, FINALLY went to the market and got me a pair of undiessss 🎤”.
  • 🎤 seems like it’s being held to a source of music, sound, noise, etc. Similarly, you too could use this emoji to amplify anything that needs recognition (sarcastically or not). Like, “Oh my god. Say that again 🎤 That’s literally the most sense you’ve made all week”.
  • Also, a microphone signifies a sense of spotlighting the vocalist/speaker/karaoke artist, etc. So, 🎤 could be used to represent just that – “Its always blissful when you’re known by your talent 🎤“.

Other Names

  • 🎤 Mic
  • 🎤 Singing Microphone
  • 🎤 Vocalist’s Mic
  • 🎤 Karaoke
  • 🎤 Singing
  • 🎤 Voice Amplifier