👨‍🌾 Man Farmer


Agriculture, Vegetation, Cultivation, Nurturing, Growing, Production, Expertise, Horticulture, Floriculture

👨‍🌾 Meaning: A shoulder-length description of a man in overalls, wearing a farmer’s hat, and holding a couple of carrots (or wheat, corn, or a rake ). This emoji refers to a man working as a farmer, agriculturist, and producer.

Setting aside the occupational tags the 👨‍🌾 Man Farmer emoji can have, this emoji also signifies personal characteristics such as hard work, passion, altruism, expertise, knowledge, and skill.

It is available in the designated skin tones on almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 👨‍🌾 Man Farmer Emoji

  • If you’re describing someone who recently took up farming or has been flourishing in the field (no puns intended), use 👨‍🌾.
  • If you’re the one who became a farmer or have been budding as a passionate agriculturist, then you can use 👨‍🌾 in your profile name or even in captions while posting pictures or videos of your proud work.
  • You can also use 👨‍🌾 in general posts related to farming, agriculture, and cultivation.
  • 👨‍🌾 can also be used to describe Thanos in your conversations (if you get it, you get it.)
  • Metaphorically speaking, 👨‍🌾 can also be used if you’re dedicating your time and space to grow and nurture yourself and the space around you (aka, being the farmer of your own life).
  • If you were out planting saplings in your neighborhood or indulging in any such community-wellness programs, then you can use 👨‍🌾 while talking about it either to your friends or while posting about it on social media.

Other Names

  • 👨‍🌾 Farmer
  • 👨‍🌾 Producer
  • 👨‍🌾 Grower
  • 👨‍🌾 Agriculturist
  • 👨‍🌾 Expert
  • 👨‍🌾 Provider
  • 👨‍🌾 Passion
  • 👨‍🌾 Horticulturist
  • 👨‍🌾 Vegetation
  • 👨‍🌾 Vegetable Farmer
  • 👨‍🌾 Hard Worker
  • 👨‍🌾 Cultivator
  • 👨‍🌾 Nurturer