🈶 Japanese ‘Not Free of Charge’ Button


Paid, Constrained, Not Free, Have, Own, Possess, You, Yuu, Kanji Character

🈶 Meaning: A bold and white Japanese kanji letter ‘yuu’ pasted onto a shiny orange squared block. This character is read as ‘you’ in Chinese.

The 🈶 Japanese ‘Not Free of Charge’ Button indicates payment for priced goods or the act of paying for anything. When purely based on the letter used here, it signifies the feeling of having and possessing.

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How and When to Use the 🈶 Japanese ‘Not Free of Charge’ Button Emoji

  • If you’re crafting a quote or a post caption with the essence of being cost-bound or ‘not free of charge’, you could bring in the 🈶. For example, “You’ve got to pay the price, no matter if it’s a pair of shoes or a load of bad karma 🈶 or “Work until expensive becomes cheap 🈶”.
  • Not being free of cost creates a barrier in possession, thus stitching up a distinction between affordability. So, if you’re talking about something that’s unaffordable, then too, you could use 🈶. Like, “I don’t you can afford to make any more errors like that 🈶”.
  • However, the significance of the character used in 🈶, tells a whole different story; of ownership and possession. For instance, “Our possessions possess us 🈶” or “Your kids come through you, not from you. You belong to them, you don’t own them 🈶”.
  • 🈶 could also be used positively – “I thank the universe for all that I have 🈶” or “That’s the illusion, isn’t it? You think you ‘own’ all these things when in reality, they own you in some way or the other 🈶”.

Other Names

  • 🈶 Not Free of Charge
  • 🈶 Not Free
  • 🈶 Paid
  • 🈶 Own
  • 🈶 Possess
  • 🈶 Japanese Sign Meaning ‘Not Free of Charge’
  • 🈶 Squared CJK Unified Ideograph – 6709
  • 🈶 有