♨️ Hot Springs


Geothermal Spring, Natural Phenomenon, Heat, Cooking, Sizzling, Hot Food, Hot Beverage

♨️ Meaning: A red emoji designed with a circular base and three curved lines emerging from it. Although the ♨️ Hot Springs emoji refers to the natural geothermal spring spouting from the earth, most of the time it signifies the temperature of something; a drink, a place, a shower, etc.

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How and When to Use the ♨️ Hot Springs Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone about the sizzling hot coffee, chai, or even a dish you’re having, you can use ♨️. For example, “Yeah. I just burnt my tongue with this scorching coffee ♨️ FML“.
  • While sharing a video of grilling, roasting, or even just tossing food over the fire, ♨️ can be used in the post caption. It can be a video from your kitchen or one from Gordon Ramsay’s (a repost, essentially).
  • ♨️ can also be used to refer to a steaming shower. For instance, “Nothing beats a steeeeming shower after a long and rough day ♨️”.
  • If you’re sharing a picture of yourself which you’d like to tag as ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’, then too, you can use ♨️. Like, “Fresh as a peach and hot as a melting marshmallow ♨️”.
  • If you’re texting someone about a dish gone wrong, burnt, precisely, you can use ♨️ as a way of indicating “overcooked” or “extra grilled”. It can be a social media post/story or even a direct message (DM) to someone close about the embarrassing mishap.

Other Names

  • ♨️ Geothermal Springs
  • ♨️ Hydrothermal Spring
  • ♨️ Hot Water Spring
  • ♨️ Hot
  • ♨️ Heating
  • ♨️ Sizzling Hot
  • ♨️ Burning Hot
  • (basically, any variant of hot and its superlatives)