🇿🇼 Flag: Zimbabwe


Southern Africa, Landlocked Country, Republic of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwean, Harare, Black African, Christianity

🇿🇼 Meaning: A rectangular flag horizontally divided with a black stripe running through the middle. The upper portion is a triband of green, yellow, and orange, while the lower half is an inverse print of the same.

To the left of this arrangement is a white triangle based on the border of the flag, outlined with a thin black stripe. Within this triangle are a large red five-pointed star and a yellow print of a left-facing Zimbabwe bird on it.

The 🇿🇼 Flag: Zimbabwe emoji represents the Southern African landlocked state of Zimbabwe, formally addressed as the Republic of Zimbabwe. This emoji is shown as ‘ZW’ on platforms that don’t support flag emojis.

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Other Names

  • 🇿🇼 Flag of Zimbabwe
  • 🇿🇼 Flag of the Republic of Zimbabwe
  • 🇿🇼 Zimbabwean Flag
  • 🇿🇼 Zimbo/Zim Flag (informally speaking)
  • 🇿🇼 Country Code – ZW