🇸🇽 Flag: Sint Maarten


Saint Martin, Constituent Country, Kingdom of Netherlands, Dutch, Phillipsburg, St. Maartener, SX

🇸🇽 Meaning: A horizontally divided flag with red occupying the upper half and navy blue, the lower half. The flag also has a white triangle attached to the left border printed with the coat of arms and pointing rightwards.

The 🇸🇽 Flag: Sint Maarten emoji refers to Sint Maarten, a Dutch constituent country found in the Caribbean. Flag emojis are not supported on all platforms and in such cases, they are replaced with the country code, which would be ‘SX’ for Sint Maarten.

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Other Names

  • 🇸🇽 Flag of Sint Maarten
  • 🇸🇽 Saint Martin Flag
  • 🇸🇽 St. Maartener Flag
  • 🇸🇽 Country Code – SX