🇮🇶 Flag: Iraq


Republic of Iraq, West Asia, Baghdad, Arabic, Kurdish, Islam, Iraqi, IQ, Shia and Sunni Muslims

🇮🇶 Meaning: A rectangular flag with three horizontal stripes; red, white, and black, chronologically designed from the top to the bottom. The central white band holds a green print of the takbīr.

The 🇮🇶 Flag: Iraq emoji represents Iraq, a West Asian country, also known as the Republic of Iraq, in formal contexts. Flag emojis are not supported on all platforms, and in such cases, this flag emoji is shown as ‘IQ’.

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Other Names

  • 🇮🇶 Flag of Iraq
  • 🇮🇶 Iraqi Flag
  • 🇮🇶 Flag of the Republic of Iraq
  • 🇮🇶 Country Code – IQ