🇸🇿 Flag: Eswatini


Kingdom of Eswatini, Southern Africa, eSwatini, Emaswati, Mbabane, Lobamba, Swazi, Swaziland, SZ

🇸🇿 Meaning: A rectangular red flag with a horizontal blue stripe on each length (top and down), followed by a yellow line, both bracketing a centrally placed horizontal Nguni shield on a pair of right-facing spears.

This shield is black on the left half and white on the right half while possessing two short rows of short vertical lines designed in the opposite color. There’s a thin yellow line passing behind the middle of the shield.

This yellow stick/line is decorated with a blue feather with red detailing on each end. The same feather is also found on the black (left) side of the shield, close to the intersection of both halves.

The 🇸🇿 Flag: Eswatini emoji refers to the Kingdom of Eswatini, a Southern African country. It is informally addressed as Eswatini or even eSwatini and Swaziland (in English). This emoji is shown as ‘SZ’ on some platforms.

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Other Names

  • 🇸🇿 Flag of Eswatini
  • 🇸🇿 Flag of the Kingdom of Eswatini
  • 🇸🇿 eSwatini Flag
  • 🇸🇿 Emaswati Flag
  • 🇸🇿 Liswati Flag
  • 🇸🇿 Country Code – SZ