🧯 Fire Extinguisher


Extinguishing, Put Out, Put Off, Party Pooper, Savior, Solution, Saving, Heat, Fiery

🧯 Meaning: A red cylinder with the label of 🔥 Fire on the front description, and equipped with a hose connected to a valve assembly that has a pressure gauge fixed either below the valve or on it.

The 🧯 Fire Extinguisher emoji represents the equipment needed to put out a fire or in other words, to extinguish it. It could symbolize a savior or the act of saving, a solution, or a party pooper steeling everyone’s fire.

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How and When to Use the 🧯 Fire Extinguisher Emoji

  • If you’re trying to “put out” someone’s hype, texting someone about how someone else tried to put out yours, or even a post caption about the same, use 🧯.
  • Instances for the previous use-case: “You don’t always have to hype everything, you know 🧯”, “Can you believe it?? She tried to put out the entire party just coz SHE was PMSing 🧯”, or “Not my thunder, nor my fire, you can’t dare steal anything that belongs to me 🧯”.
  • While sharing content that’s fiery, empowering, badass, and overall hot (not everything’s physical), you can bring in 🧯. Like, “Can the fire team come in here already??? The temperature’s pretty sure a HUNDRED 🧯” (usable for both, positive and negative connotations).
  • Anything or anyone that puts out, or waits to put out something intense can be translated into a fire extinguisher. So, if you’re referring to something or someone like this, shy not from using 🧯 – “Does he ALWAYS have to ruin the vibe? 🧯”.

Other Names

  • 🧯 Handheld Fire Extinguisher
  • 🧯 Emergency
  • 🧯 Break Open In Case of Emergency
  • 🧯 Fire
  • 🧯 Trolley-Mounted Extinguisher
  • 🧯 Extinguisher Ball
  • 🧯 Fire Extinguisher Ball
  • 🧯 Foam Fire Extinguisher