😶 Face Without Mouth


Clueless, Speechless, Dumbfounded, Blank Expression, No Comments, Sorry, Too-Embarrassed-To-Talk

😶 Meaning: A yellow face with just the eyes. As the name does not suggest, this is an expressionless emoji. The Face Without Mouth expression is the emoji version of ‘No Comments’, literally.

It signifies speechlessness, dumbfoundedness, and cluelessness too. Besides, this blank-faced emoji can also suggest adverse emotions of hopelessness, disappointment, and maybe even agitation.

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How and When to Use the 😶 Face Without Mouth Emoji

  • Use this emoji in any conversation where you have ‘no comments’ about, or tired of having comments for the same old conversation.
  • If you’re nervous about something, send this emoji in one of such conversations.
  • If someone sent you something really ironic or satirical, you can send this emoji as an expressionless reaction, or a negatively speechless reaction – like ‘Wow 😶. How expected’.

Other Names

  • 😶 Speechless
  • 😶 No Comments Face
  • 😶 Mouthless
  • 😶 Blank Face
  • 😶 Silence
  • 😶 Cluelessness
  • 😶 Dumbfounded
  • 😶 No Comments

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