😷 Face With Medical Mask


Sick, Disease, Gross, Disturbing, Safety, Face Mask, Coronavirus

😷 Meaning: A yellow-faced emoji with closed, drooping eyes and a mask covering the lower half of the face. This emoji signifies feeling sick physically or as a reaction to something sickening, gross, disturbing, or awful.

Besides being the current scenario (2020 – COVID 19), the 😷 Face With Medical Mask suggests ‘covering up’ or ‘masking up’ for health safety in general. This emoji plays along the lines of “Omg, so sick!” or “That’s terrible!”.

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How and When to Use the 😷 Face With Medical Mask Emoji

  • If you just encountered something really gross, use this as a way of saying you want to stay safe from such grossness.
  • If you’re feeling sick and can’t make it to a party, send this emoji along with an apology to your buddies or whoever invited you.
  • While sending something disturbing, you can use this emoji to give the receiver a gist of the subject (that its sick).

Other Names

  • 😷 Sick Face
  • 😷 Masked Face
  • 😷 Gross
  • 😷 Disgusting
  • 😷 Awful
  • 😷 Ew
  • 😷 Yuck
  • 😷 Coronavirus
  • 😷 COVID-19
  • 😷 Surgical Mask
  • 😷 Mask Face
    😷 Face Mask