Basic Unit, Genetics, Heredity, Cells, Living Organisms, Commonality, Genes, Roots

🧬 Meaning: A blue and purple double helix shown in a slightly animated or emoji-fied manner. The 🧬 DNA emoji essentially signifies genes, genetics, heredity, and the emoji way of saying it runs in the family. Moreover, this emoji symbolizes the basic unit of life at large.

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How and When to Use the 🧬 DNA Emoji

  • If you’re sharing a personal post, a viral repost, a social media story, or a text message about “genes”, use 🧬. For example, “I do not trust my genes at all🧬 I wonder what else would randomly show up??!!“, “This woman is the definition of the ‘perfect genes’ 🧬 or “You cannot always blame your genes for the terrible person you are 🧬”.
  • Similarly, 🧬 could also be used to suggest something that “comes naturally”. For instance, “Oh dude. Cooking like an angel comes naturally to him 🧬”.
  • Apart from the actuality of 🧬, this emoji can be used while referring to the most basic unit of anything too. Like, “If we don’t fix something at its root, the branches would always be faulty 🧬”.
  • Speaking of ‘roots’, you may use 🧬 while sharing something about your own roots or that of someone/something else’s; ethnical, religious, cultural, basically, anything that is the element of strong association.

Other Names

  • 🧬 Double Helix
  • 🧬 Genes
  • 🧬 Heredity (not the horror, although debatable)
  • 🧬 Nucleic Acid Double Helix
  • 🧬 DNA Double Helix
  • 🧬 Cell
  • 🧬 Genetics