😕 Confused Face


Disbelief, Disappointment, Confusion, Skeptical, Awkward, Frustrated

😕 Meaning: A yellow face with blank eyes and a slanted curve for a mouth. The mouth here is significant to the meaning of the emoji. It refers to a state of being in a dilemma or confused, as the name suggests.

The 😕 Confused Face emoji signifies confusion, awkwardness, uncertainty, and maybe a little indecisiveness too. It can be used to show slight disappointment, disbelief and skepticism.

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How and When to Use the 😕 Confused Face Emoji

  • Use this emoji in a confusing conversation.
  • You can also use it in the context of being unable to decide, like “Nah. I’m not sure about that 😕”.
  • This emoji can be used to show that you’re uncomfortable with a particular conversation or scenario.
  • If you’re having a conversation about something you decided, but now its totally topsy turvied to the other side, send this emoji as a “Hey, wtf. Nevermind 😕”.
  • This emoji can be brought into a casual context of addressing a frustrating situation or person too.

Other Names

  • 😕 Confused
  • 😕 Dilemma
  • 😕 Unsure
  • 😕 Disappointed Face
  • 😕 Skeptical
  • 😕 Slightly Frustrated Face
  • 😕 Awkward
    😕 Um
    😕 Nevermind