☄️ Comet


Space, Meteor, Comet Relationship, Inconsistency, Fireball, Potential, Energy

☄️ Meaning: An orange rocky ball enclosed by a fiery layer that expands with a tail behind. The entire structure moves from the bottom right corner to the left top corner, such that the tail is at the former.

The ☄️ Comet emoji represents a snowball in space or in the universe. Apart from suggesting an element of outer space, this emoji can also signify speed, power, and potential.

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How and When to Use the ☄️ Comet Emoji

  • If you’re texting someone close about a person who repeatedly comes into your life and vanishes, use ☄️ to represent that comet in your life.
  • Similarly, use ☄️ while talking about comet relationships! The previous point is general, whereas this use-case is particularly romantic. For example, “He comes back every six months, gets close to me for two weeks and vanishes. Like WTF?! ☄️”.
  • ☄️ looks like an ice ball on some platforms, and a fireball on others. If it looks like a fireball in the platform you’re using, then bring this emoji into those intoxicated contexts!
  • Use ☄️ in the caption while sharing news posts about meteors, meteor crashes, comets, etc.

Other Names

  • ☄️ Haley’s Comet
  • ☄️ Falling Star
  • ☄️ Fireball
  • ☄️ Meteorite
  • ☄️ Meteoride
  • ☄️ Meteor
  • ☄️ Approaching Comet
  • ☄️ Fireball
  • ☄️ Ice Ball