🔼 Upwards Button


Upward, Higher, Improvement, Growth, Upgrade, Upvote, Approval, Agreement

🔼 Meaning: An upward-facing triangle, similar to the ▶️ Play Button, but one that’s tilted upwards. The 🔼 Upwards Button emoji can have many implications depending on the context. It suggests a sense of increase, improvement, or just upward movement.

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How and When to Use the 🔼 Upwards Button Emoji

  • If you’re informing your audience to turn their volume up while viewing your content, 🔼 would come in handy. For example, “Sound ON, please 🔼” or “Ensure your volume is MAX when you listen to this 🔼”.
  • 🔼 also resembles the upward switch or just a flickering triangular light around an elevator switchboard. Hence, this emoji could symbolize going higher or heading to the next level. Like, “It’s enough, dude. It’s no longer fun and games. It’s time we head to the next level 🔼”.
  • Since 🔼 also indicates an ‘improvement’, you can use this emoji while referring to an upgrade/update. For instance, “Heyyyy. Did you check out the new update?? 🔼” or “FINALLY. Our life has an upgrade 🔼”.
  • From a Reddit POV, 🔼 would symbolize an ‘upvote’, which could be used in any context even apart from this discussion platform. Like, “I liked her model. It’s a YES from me 🔼” or “I got an approval! 🔼”.

Other Names

  • 🔼 Upward Arrow
  • 🔼 Upvote
  • 🔼 Upgrade
  • 🔼 Update
  • 🔼 Upward-Pointing Triangle
  • 🔼 Equilateral Triangle
  • 🔼 Up Triangle