Tag: Transport-Water

⚓ Anchor

Grounded, Hold Together, Keep in One Piece, Ship Anchor, Calming, Mentally Stable

⛵ Sailboat

Sailing, Sail Through, Sailor, Seas, Boating, Yacht, Watercraft, Catamaran

🛶 Canoe

Canoeing, Kayaking, Rowing, Movement, In the Same Boat, Rowboat

🚤 Speedboat

Motorboat, Engine Powered Boat, Cruising, Boat Racing, Recreation

⛴️ Ferry

Water Transport, Passenger Ferry, Waterway, Water Taxi, Water Bus, Train Ferry

🛥️ Motorboat

Speedboat, Engine-Powered Boat, Fast and Smooth Water Travel, Recreation, Vacation

🚢 Ship

Ship Travel, Voyage, Large Scale Water Transport, Cruise Ship, Gambling Ship, Sinking Ship

🛟 Ring Buoy

Lifebuoy, Seas, Float, Lightweight, Savior, Life Saver, Preserver, Hero, Safety Wheel