Tag: Tool

🪃 Boomerang

Return, Karma, Reverse, Backfire, Come Back, Rebound, Recoil, Third Law of Motion

🪛 Screwdriver

Installing, Fastening, Electrical Work, Garage, Loosening, Unscrewing, Screwdriver Drink

🪝 Hook

Support, Clasp, Fastener, Hook Up, Hooked Onto, Off the Hook, Hanging

🪜 Ladder

Climb Up, Scale, Climb Down, Corporate Ladder, Back and Forth

🔨 Hammer

Electrician Hammer, Carpentry, Molding, Beating, Drunk, Intoxication Fixating, Nailing It

🪓 Axe

Chopping, Weaponry, Cut Down, Cut Off, Negate, Remove, Deforestation, Reduction

⛏️ Pick

Digging, Dig Out, Mining, Gardening, Tools, Surfacing, Unearthing, Discovering, Gold Digging

🗡️ Dagger

Fighting, Weaponry, Threatening, Protection, Danger, Stabbing, Swords, Switchblades

🔫 Water Pistol

Water Festivals, Fun, Childhood, Harmlessness, Innocence, Water Games, Freedom, Carefree

🏹 Bow and Arrow

Archery, Aim, Focus, Right Angle, Sport, Balance, Skill, Strength, Weaponry, Warfare

🛡️ Shield

Protection, Blocking, Safeguard, Guard, Armor, War, Safety, Warrior

🔧 Wrench

Fixing, Fastening, Loosening, Plumbing, Mechanical Work, Tool

🔩 Nut and Bolt

Details, Little Things, Fixing, Essentials, Fixating, Mechanics, Basics, Ins and Outs

⚙️ Gear

Movement, Speed, Machinery, Functioning, Mechanics, Grinding, Settings

🗜️ Clamp

Fastening, Holding Together, Suffocation, Fixation, Fix, Compression

⚖️ Balance Scale

Weighing, Balance, Equality, Law, Justice, Karma, Libra, Court, Advocacy, Discipline