Tag: Tool

🧲 Magnet

Attraction, Magnetizing, Gravity, Magnetic Field, Electromagnet, Pull, Repel, Poles

🧰 Toolbox

Tools, Fixtures, Fixing, Possibilities, Collection, Solutions, Options, Toolkit

⛓️ Chains

Bonds, Restriction, Fastening, Holding, Shackles, Bondage, Multiplicity

🔗 Link

Connection, Integration, Togetherness, Website Link, Credibility, Copyable Link, Twinning

🦯 White Cane

Navigation, Walking, Probing Cane, Whip, Whack, Lash, Beating, Movement

⚖️ Balance Scale

Weighing, Balance, Equality, Law, Justice, Karma, Libra, Court, Advocacy, Discipline

🗜️ Clamp

Fastening, Holding Together, Suffocation, Fixation, Fix, Compression

⚙️ Gear

Movement, Speed, Machinery, Functioning, Mechanics, Grinding, Settings

🔩 Nut and Bolt

Details, Little Things, Fixing, Essentials, Fixating, Mechanics, Basics, Ins and Outs

🔧 Wrench

Fixing, Fastening, Loosening, Plumbing, Mechanical Work, Tool