Tag: Place Building

🏟️ Stadium

Game, Venue, Match, Historic Stadium, Crowd Cheering, Events, Sports

🧱 Brick

Building Blocks, Pair of Bricks, Construction. Foundation, Toughness

🪨 Rock

Stone, Gravel, Construction, Stoned, Stoning, Criticism, Throwing Rocks, Pebbles, Crystals

🪵 Wood

Tree Branch, Deforestation, Wooden Furniture, Wooden Ornaments, Firewood, Tough, Hard

🏘️ Houses

Neighborhood, Home, Society, Families, Residential Area, Locality

🏠 House

Independent Housing, Apartment, Home, Safety, Togetherness, Living, Stay, Accommodation

🏤 Post Office

European Post Office, Postal Service, Public Service, Postal System, Letters, Old School Mailing

🏥 Hospital

Medical Service, Place of Healing, Life, Death, Emergency, Life Saviors, The S.H.I.E.L.D of Covid-19 Heroes

🏨 Hotel

Accommodation, Temporary Stay, Staycation, Comfort, Price, Venue

🏪 Convenience Store

24 Hour Store, Corner Store, General Store, Essentials Store, Convenience, Proximity, Residential Store

🏫 School

Education, Discipline, Schooling, Learning, Clock Tower, Companionship, Friendship

🏬 Department Store

Essentials, Shopping, Groceries, General Store, Convenience Store With Timings, Outlet Store

🏭 Factory

Manufacturing, Production, Industry, Industrial Plant, Workforce, Pollution, Smoke, Smog Emission

🏯 Japanese Castle

Japanese Fortress, Stronghold, Royalty, Military Residence, Samurais, Defense

🏰 Castle

European Castle, Royalty, Sovereignty, History, Architecture, Heritage