Tag: Hand Fingers Open

👋 Waving Hand

Hi, Hello, Yo, Greeting, Bye, Goodbye, Farewell, Slap, Spank, Grab Attention

✋ Raised Hand

Agree, Stand By, Stop, Enough, Halt, High Five, Present, Shut Up!

🖖 Vulcan Salute

Mr Spock’s Hand Gesture, Star Trek, The Vulcans, Best Wishes, Long Life, Prosperity, Good Will, “May the Force be With You”

👌 OK Hand

Okay, Cool, I’m Fine, Awesome, Great, Perfect, That’s Correct, Good

🫲 Leftwards Hand

Helping Hand, Handshake, Touch, Reach Out, Pat, Push, Tag, Leftward, West, Direction

🫳 Palm Down Hand

Giving, Offering, Dismissing, Patronize, Unimpressed, Throwing, Slip, Helping Hand, Shoo Away

🫴 Palm Up Hand

Beckon, Ask, Plead, Marriage, Follow, Come, Catch, Request, Take, Receive, Beg

🫱 Rightwards Hand

Rightward, East, Helping Hand, Left Handshake, Tag, Push, Pat, Hold, Touch, Move, Direction, Backhand