Tag: Geometric

🔴 Red Circle

Red Dot, Bindi, Stop, Danger, Blood, Passion, Anger, Mars, Pending Notification, Live

🟠 Orange Circle

Autumn, Preparation, Energetic, Fresh, Renew, Orange, Charging, Powering

🟡 Yellow Circle

Positivity, Upliftment, Happiness, Warmth, Summer, Sunny, Bright, Slow Down

🟢 Green Circle

Nature, Organic, Fresh, Young, Relaxing, Revive, Gardening, Forests, Earth, Green Signal

🔵 Blue Circle

Peace, Calmness, Serenity, Monday Blues, Sad, Low, Update, Unread Message, Verified Account

🟣 Purple Circle

Royalty, Luxury, Calming, Soothing, Relaxation, Therapeutic, Out of Office, Booked Dates

🟤 Brown Circle

Skin, Color, Earth, Earthy, Land, Mud, Soil, Nutrition, Roots, Terracotta, Pottery

⚫ Black Circle

Recognition, Black Hair, Darkness, Nothingness, Endless, Black Hole, Nazar, Protection

⚪ White Circle

Translucent, Light, Brightness, Deficiency, Lack, Empty, Pure, Fresh Start, Beginning

🟥 Red Square

Red Card, Dismissal, Suspension, Blood, Danger, Love, Passion, Highlight, Red Square

🟧 Orange Square

Orange Card, Fruit, Color, Energy, Discount Card, Happiness, Warmth, Citrus, Vitamin C

🟨 Yellow Square

Yellow, Happiness, Warmth, Sun, Summer, Fast-Food, Appetizer, Optimism

🟩 Green Square

Greens, Peace, Agriculture, Forests, Fertility, Approval, Go, Grass, Green Screen

🟦 Blue Square

Calmness, Peace, Unity, Team, Sports, Identification, Blue Block, Button

🟪 Purple Square

Mysticism, Dreams, Psychic, The Universe, Purple, Lavender, Calming, Relaxation, Audio Note

🟫 Brown Square

Brown, Mud, Trees, Earth, Pottery, Coffee, Grind, Wood, Rustic Fashion