Tag: Book Paper

📕 Closed Book

Mystery, Narrow Thinking, Closed Mind, Low-Key, Detachment, Unknown

📖 Open Book

Honesty, Easy to Read, Openness, Broad Thinking, Knowledge, Education, Oversharing

📗 Green Book

The Green Book, Nature, Environment, Education, Information, Learning, EVS, Text Book

📘 Blue Book

Rules, Rule Book, Government Officials, Confidential Info, Test Booklet, Govt. Listings

📙 Orange Book

Recipe Book, Cookbook, FDA Book, Listings, Content, Knowledge, Rules

📚 Books

Reading, Education, Learning, Knowledge, Library, Book Events Bookworms

📓 Notebook

Education, Learning, Notes, Observations, Jotting Down, Schooling, University

📒 Ledger

Record, Journal Entries, Register, Accounts, Transactions, Daybook

📃 Page With Curl

Letter, Official Information, Offer Letter, Business, Confidentiality, Agreement, Form(s)

📜 Scroll

Letter, Confidentiality, Royalty, Parchment, Antiquity, History, Information, Communication

📰 Newspaper

News, Information, Journal, Journalism, Current Affairs, Controversies, Knowledge

📑 Bookmark Tabs

Marking, Importance, Significance, Saving, Bookmarking, Page Flags, Attention

🔖 Bookmark

Pausing, Continuation, Reading, Bookmarking, Tags, Gifting, Draft, Bookworms

🏷️ Label

Price Tag, Value, Information, Details, Belonging, Name Tag, Identification