Tag: Asian Food

🍱 Bento Box

Nutrition, Lunch, Lunch Box, Asian Food, Cooking, Wholesome, Healthy

🍘 Rice Cracker

Japanese Snack, Tea Time, Evening, Party Snack, Healthy, Light, Rice-Based, Nori, Asian Food

🍙 Rice Ball

Japanese Food, Onigiri, White Rice Balls, Fillings, Main Course, Staple

🍚 Cooked Rice

Food, Nourishment, Agriculture, Goodness, Steamed Rice, Boiled Rice, Plain White Rice

🍛 Curry Rice

Kare and Raisu, Indian Food, Japanese Food, Gravy and Rice, Asian Staple

🍜 Steaming Bowl

Ramen Noodles, College Food, Affordability, Taste, Budget-Friendly, Hot Noodles

🍝 Spaghetti

Italian Cuisine, Spag Bol, Noodles, Authentic Food, Pasta, Spaghetti and Meatballs.

🍢 Oden

Japanese Winter Food, Amalgam, Variety, One-Pot Dish, Skewer, Barbecue

🍣 Sushi

Japanese Cuisine, Sour, Savoury, Seafood, Toppings, Sushi Roll, Nigiri

🍤 Fried Shrimp

Japanese Fried Shrimp, Seafood, Prawns, Ebi Furai, Snack, Marine Food

🥮 Mooncake

Chinese Traditional Pastry, Moon Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, Family Reunion, Togetherness, Love

🍡 Dango

Year-Round Edible, Sweet, Rice Flour, Dumpling Hairstyle, Skewer Dango, Green Tea Combo

🥟 Dumpling

Chinese Food, Filling, Doughy Covering, Chinese New Year, Steamed Food, Fried Too

🥠 Fortune Cookie

Prophecy, Prediction, Mystery, Excitement, Food For Thought, Sweet Cookie, Chinese, American

🥡 Takeout Box

Chinese Food, Thai Takeout, Takeout Thursday, Food Delivery, Packed Food