🥽 Goggles


Protection, Visibility, Clear Vision, Transparent Glasses, Underwater Diving, Skydiving

🥽 Meaning: A thick pair of diving or swimming goggles with transparent lenses, designed with a wide hind layer that is further connected to a stretchable rubber band that goes around the wearer’s head.

The 🥽 Goggles emoji suggest swimming, diving; underwater, or skydiving, essentially, any situation that would require extra eye care. This emoji also signifies protection, better visibility under not-so-great circumstances, and underwater vision.

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How and When to Use the 🥽 Goggles Emoji

  • If you’re talking about ‘diving’ in a positive but metaphorical sense, (because literal use cases are boring!), you could use 🥽. For instance, “You knew what you were getting into right? You did test the waters before you dove 🥽”.
  • You could also use 🥽 to indicate a swim and other emotions attached to it (objective or not). For example, “You need a good swim. A momentary, but a very real break from everything above 🥽”.
  • If you’re indicating vision and a sense of better visibility in any context, then too, you could use 🥽. Like, “It’s better to get some help just to see better than to be on your own see a blurred world 🥽”.
  • Use 🥽 while posting or reposting skydiving stories, posts, or even just a quote about the adventure. Speaking of adventure 🥽 could be used to signify a sense of doing something outside comfort zone as well.

Other Names

  • 🥽 Diving Goggles
  • 🥽 Skydiving Glasses
  • 🥽 Underwater Goggles
  • 🥽 Expandable Goggles
  • 🥽 Transparent Eyewear
  • 🥽 Protective Eyewear