🤙 Call Me Hand


Call Me, Shaka, Keep it Real, Positive, Good Vibes, Chill, See Ya, Greeting, Flirting

🤙 Meaning: A hand sign with the thumb and the pinky (little) finger held out, while the rest of the fingers are folded into the palm. The hand gesture used in this emoji originated in Hawaii as the ‘Shaka Sign‘.

The 🤙 Call Me Hand emoji has gathered various interpretations and uses amongst different countries and cultures. Most commonly inspired by the nostalgic landline phone, it refers to asking someone to call you up.

However, it can also mean “Keep it Real”, stay cool and positive, and all the good vibing stuff. This emoji is available in all the designated skin tones across almost all platforms.

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How and When to Use the 🤙 Call Me Sign Emoji

  • The 🤙 emoji can be used as a way of greeting your homies.
  • Use 🤙 to tell someone to call you.
  • 🤙 can be used to also casually tell someone to catch up.
  • Sprinkle a conversation with some chilled out and laid back vibes with 🤙 emoji.
  • Use 🤙 emoji while sending something powerful, upbeat, and motivational to your buddies.
  • 🤙 emoji can be used as a reaction to something ‘mic-drop’ worthy as well.
  • 🤙 can be used as a farewell sign with your best friends as well, like “See ya later 🤙”, “See ya soon 🤙”, etc.

Other Names

  • 🤙 Shaka Sign
  • 🤙 Keep it Real
  • 🤙 Call Me
  • 🤙 Hey!
  • 🤙 What Up
  • 🤙 Positivity
  • 🤙 Good Vibes
  • 🤙 Phone Hand
  • 🤙 Call Me Hand Sign
  • 🤙 Call Me Maybe
  • 🤙 Flirty