⏹️ Stop Button


Finality, End, Ending, Permanent, Closure, Finish, Completion, Done

⏹️ Meaning: A smaller square printed in white on top of a big blue square. The ⏹️ Stop Button emoji symbolizes “the end”. It could suggest a sense of permanence as opposed to the temporary nature of ⏸️ Pause.

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How and When to Use the ⏹️ Stop Button Emoji

  • ⏹️ is pretty much the button and emoji-version of the famous ‘Periodt‘. It suggests finality. For instance, “I don’t want to be arguing any longer about this ⏹️” or “Stop explaining yourself ⏹️ You owe no one an explanation”.
  • Once you ‘Stop’ a video, a movie, a song, anything, it either means you start again from the beginning (if at all you play again) or you start from where you left off. Nonetheless, ⏹️ can be a philosophical emoji.
  • Some examples for the previous point – “If you end things, it would never ever be the same even if you got back together again ⏹️” or “You either start from scratch or you don’t try at all ⏹️”.
  • As suggested in the previous section, ⏹️ indicates ‘permanence’. While talking about such permanently negated/negational aspects, you can use ⏹️. Like, “Put an end to your fear this instant ⏹️ You are a lot braver than you think” or “It’s over for sure ⏹️”.

Other Names

  • ⏹️ Stop
  • ⏹️ Permanent End
  • ⏹️ Once and For All
  • ⏹️ Done For Good
  • ⏹️ Over
  • ⏹️ End
  • ⏹️ The End
  • ⏹️ Stop Symbol
  • ⏹️ Black Square For Stop